Electrical Engineer Careers……Dead if I am lucky.

I currently work in Milwaukee Wisconsin as
an electrical design engineer. I can’t say in what
industry due to it being “the only one in the state”
– I hate it.

Prior to this “terror jump” in jobs,
i was working in a small board house in Menomonee
Falls Wisconsin, this was perhaps the worst job i
had ever had in my life. You see, I dug ditches,
bartended and worked in meat packing plants prior to
the trek of corporate hell. On that particular job
I had a boss who was less than affectionately known
as “the hack”. He was one of the worst engineers i
had ever met in my career, and he had a violent
streak a mile wide. If you dared to stand up for
yourself, you were destined to work on the milling
machine ( I did this for 8 months) making test
fixtures for industry. When confronted with a
project that would require me to commit patent
infringement and copyright infringement, i hemmed
and hawed a little, which then prompted the owners
son to threaten to “punch my fucking head off”. I was waking up 4 days a week blowing
chow like a dying dog.

I jumped from that job when
i spoke to a friend in a tavern about getting the
hell out — i’ll never forgive him for getting me
into the pile of shit i’m in now.

Nothing about the
industry practices of engineering makes me happy, I
have been doing it for 10 years and have yet to find
an employer in this state that is capable of acting
at an age higher than 4 years old. In five years i
have no idea what the hell i’ll be doing, if i’m
lucky i’ll be dead.