Working at Chase Bank Will Drive You Crazy

I strongly advise against working for this bank!  They are so unorganized it’s ridiculous, and its always the bottom of the barrel employees like me who get in shit for everyone else’s mistakes, deficiencies, laziness. I’m going to touch on several problems they have.

Here is what to expect with a job interview with them.  Expect to be told that sales in casually included in the job but no big deal, expect to be told there is room to expand, and finally expect to be told that they offer tuition assistance.  For sales the fact is people are losing their jobs over it. I cry sometimes coz I damn well know so many customers are taking a product they don’t need and they know it only coz they know someones gotta take it or i lose my job. I cry over that kind of compassion, they usually cancel and avoid charges anyways but still some people are amazing!

Room to expand, ok, so far in the last 2 years only 2 people have been promoted, otherwise people have moved around slightly in the job through “same pay, some job, same level, same responsibilities but different title” types of positions  (example moving from collections to customer service)

Tuition assistance? Ok, that was the selling feature for me, I wouldn’t have left my current job if I knew the crap these guys were selling. They told me they offer it and that’s cool.  What they didn’t tell me is all the terms to it where they will make sure you never get to use it.  First of all, they refuse to offer part time work so you can go to school, second it has to offer the ability to expand within the bank (I work in a call centre with no branches nearby so that cuts things down a lot)  And they base your job performance on whether or not they will approve you (I find this stupid because I wanted to take accounting and the only performance they consider is sales even though this is a customer service job, anyways, so because my sales aren’t good they won’t help me get an education for something that has nothing to do with sales)

Now, when working for chase bank expect to get approx 1-6 memos a day, expect at least 2-3 of those memos to be something about a new procedure BUT when you read the memo you will say in your mind “wait a second, that can’t work because of this and that procedure this contradicts with” and especially find yourself looking at the memo going “so it used to be this way, now the procedure is very different but the memo doesn’t explain the terms of the new procedure. I am so not qualified to answer questions through just this memo what do i do?!” (some people stick with the old procedure when they can as it’s safe, and other just start the new and pretend like they know and find themselves lying to customers because saying they don’t know cuz they weren’t told is getting them further verbal abuse).

So, how does the bank deal with this memo confusion? they don’t care, they leave customer service to deal with getting screamed at and abused by customers who are frustrated that they aren’t getting helped then in about 1-5 months someone may have finally got to the issue.  Expect the bank to stop the computers from being able to process desperately important things and tell you it still works when it doesn’t, and then attend to it in several months time.

Expect several contradictions with them and no matter how many complaints they receive they will never fix.  For example, if a bill is sent out on the 30th of the month and the customer is overlimit they get a $39 fee for that, now they don’t know about it until they receive the bill in a week but what happens is because by the time they received the bill they are already into the next months bill even if they pay the bill down they will get another fee next month. This is one of many flaws in their system, now if you as an employee search for a procedure on the issue expect to find at least 2 outdated memos with no dates on it that say something different, and two procedures that are completely different. Also, expect to get written up for following the procedure you found and read first (just because in your supervisors opinion the other one looked more right but neither have a date) .

Some things I have been disciplined for…
1- having negative body language (where do I start with that one, and yes this is what the write up quotes with no explanation, I later find out it was for the way I was dealing with a medical condition in which I was having back problems, no they never heard me out, they talked to me like a child and ignored my requests to reconsider the complaint).

2- Showing too much foot. Yes, I’m talking about my feet, they do NOT include any restriction in the dress code for open toed or dressy shoes (no runners, no flip flops, etc) but they out of no where tell me I’m not allowed to show my feet (which was me wearing heels)

3- Not selling enough (yes we lose our jobs for lack of selling in this customer service job)

4- spending too much time with customers (you either spend time to sell and have a high average time spent with the customer, or you don’t and have a low average, either way one will cause you job loss)

5- Showing mid drift (i think they were not picking here) Basically, I dropped something under my desk and when I bent down to crawl under and pick it up my pants slid down and my shirt pulled up while i was reaching someone happened to walk past and notice and so I got written up i truly was dressed conservatively but about an inch of my back showed while i was reaching and the clung to that are you a customer of chase bank??

Here is why you probably feel like the person on the phone doesn’t want to help you (when 99% of them love to help people) its because we are only allowed to spend less than 3 mins per customer, that means we have to hear you out, fix you, and then try and sell to you in less than  3 mins of phone time.  Now,  I don’t want you to think this is ethical but put yourself in these shoes if this was the best job you could get for your education and you depend on it and you’re going to loose your job if you’re not quick with each customer, you either have to prioritized being helpful and not being able to do it long before you’re fired, or being short and quick and trying your best and keeping your job even though you wish you had the ability to do more.

Ok. now also, how are you supposed to keep current with things? According to the bank I’m supposed to come in 10 mins before my shift start each day and sign in coz it takes that long to go through the computer process (and the 10 mins is unpaid).  They say I have time in between calls to check my break schedule, read memos, and notes (many which have to be found on the computer), make several logs of things such as bathroom breaks, sales, etc (yes very anal, no pun intended) The thing with these requests is there is no such thing as in between calls, there are literally over 100 customers waiting for help at any given time, one after the other after the other.

I know my complaint is not well written I did my best for my time restraint, working for this bank is a high stress job and very unethical, and not worthwhile!  They say postal workers are most likely to go “postal” well that was before call centres became what they are now, I guarantee if anyone does a current assessment of postal workers vs call centre and call centre will be much more likely to go crazy! We get no exercise, just sit in a freakin’ desk all day getting fat, and being in a high stress situation.