Worst 4 Years Spent at McDonalds

I first began to work at Mcdonalds when I was 18. I worked at the Drive Thru that was near thay Chav Capital Estate of Rugby called Brownsover. I soon realised how the senior managers were cocks. All they did was yell at you and get you to do the bloody filtering. Mark the assistant manager made out that I was thick when I had an even better education than him he could not get past GCSE’s come- on. I was studying my A-Levels at the time. They managers also made me promises saying that they would promote me and they never did, this pissed me right off. They would rather promote new recruits. Soon after I realised their lies. I handed in my notice several times but Mark talked me out of it. Before I handed in my notice I decided that I should do something to get back at the managers for not promoting me to Training Squad.

I became very laid back. This pissed them right off. I did this for a few months. In the end I went to University and finally quit that dreadful place. To make things worse for the management, a bunch of staffs followed me. This really pissed Mark who was now the store manager off. I’m glad know that I’ve left that shitty place and I have a much better job working as a barman. I just wish that I had never worked there. I was old enough to work behind a bar when I was 18.