A Mcdonalds Job is a Good Start

I have been working at this particularly Mcdonalds for 2 years I have 3 years experience so far. I worked my way up to management and trust me it was hard work. People may judge you saying “hamburgalar queen”, or laugh that you are in fast food, but hey it is a honest living. It is more then flipping burgers, salting fries. You have a lot of cleaning, and you have to be on top of things or else you will go down. I am soon to be a manager and will say breaks aren’t given like they should, and there are things that go on at times that aren’t right but you deal with it.

You are there doing a job, accept it or find another job. I will say I’m not happy, but not disappointed either I get $ 7.40 as a crew then $9 in a few weeks once i am certified. If your considering working at Mcdonalds it’s a great start if you need money they are accepting no matter your color, background. Like I said accept to work hard and remember once you are on the team do your job and stay to yourself a lot of people tell their business and are unprofessional at work and sit and talk, you must work that’s why your getting paid. I believe if you are working for Mcdonald’s or anywhere you should not compete as much do your job, help when needed. I have noticed at my Mcdonalds shifts compete it isn’t right. I am a overnighter I work 8 pm to 5 am and it is stressful at times especially during pos when you take orders by hand when computers go down for the system to reopen. I, as a overnighter clean more and do extra duties but that’s my job.

What is stressful when customers are rude and employees don’t work as soon as I become manager in few weeks my crew will work and at the same time they will be appreciated, and at the same time be corrected. I will not be there “buddy”. I have noticed some managers picking favorites and treating people different that is going to change I will treat everyone equal but i will also do my job to correct when needed.If you are a customer of the goldern arches please know all the stories are not true about being nasty.

At my restaurant we all wear gloves and personally i wash every dish spotless, and we break down all our equipment toasters, bun warmer etc every 2 days. People who are sickening to cum on hands and serve food are disgusting and should be ashamed as a employee you are supposed to be professional, and even when customers are rude you should still be fast and friendly, just let it slide. I take care of problems and to improve Mcdonalds you must work as a team and think you are here to work and make money. Yes you only make $50 a day or managers about$60, but its not the dollar amount its the meaning of family.

Our restaurant is a team we achieve goals together and no we are not perfect, but those who don’t work professionally know who you are all over the world improved or you will be in for a awakening by your store manager. Listen our jobs are already stressful enough so customers be nice let us try our bests and fix the problem if needed. Employees all over the world do your best that is all you can do. We are making money and growing as a team. Like I said mcds is a great start and if you want to move up better expect to work hard!!!!