The Best Survival Guide For Nurses of Today

Survival Guide For Nurses
(1) A Nurse is to always do what administration tells them to do.
(2) The care and welfare of patients is not your main concern, administrations happiness always come first.
(3) Patient Bill Of Rights are not to be brought up within patient and patients’ families’ hearing.
(3) Do Not ask your Director Of Nursing a medical question, It may strain her/his brain and he/she would have to leave her desk. Thus, causing panic though out area.
(4) If you see administration on there cell phone in halls or patient room. DO NOT attempt this. Administration has powers that stop cellular transmission from harming others. You will be wrote up.
(5) Always remember that once you walk in to the facility. Your identity as a person is gone. The name you were given at birth is gone. You are now Nurse! It doesn’t matter if you went to school to be a LPN,  CNA or a RN. Your title is now NURSE!
(6) Also all nurses look alike. Name Tags don’t mean crap! YOU ARE NURSE!
(7) When entering facility you are now in a new country.
(8) You are not to have friends.
(9) You are not to get sick.  Wear a mask if you do.
(10) Having children is not recommended. If you do have children. They also are not allowed to get sick.
(11) Doctors excuses are not accepted. Car wrecks, traffic Jams and deaths, be it family or friend is not allowed.
(12) Surgery is acceptable only if, call to surgeon and find out what is medically wrong ( HIPPA is not a concern . You lose that right when you applied.)
(13) No derogatory remarks are allowed to be spoken about the facility. Not to anyone not even President Of the U.S.A. See # 7 About new country.

So to sum this up. Nursing Is for Idiots.
And I must be # 1 !