Working at Maccas is Unexpectedly Awesome

I am a front area gal at heathcote maccas an have been there for a year and a half now. How I got this awesome job was one day I handed an application in and then the next, Ben rang me up and I had an interview the next day. A few weeks later, I started.

After starting I met so many new friends and gained a whole lot of confidence. The managers are also great to work for as they are like friends not bosses there is.
Phil(mc dad), tracey(mc mum),
Bentley(uncle bent),
Alisha (aunty leash),
Chris (uncle chris),
Greg(uncle midgley)and
Ben(big brother ben), the managers always sat any problems the office is open.

Everyone of my co workers will tell you that we are all like one big family. I enjoy going to work and seeing all these smiling happy faces. I don’t see work as a chore I see it as a meeting place. Although the hours are shit that’s part of the fun like closes having cloth, egg and apple fights, talking to each other about problems or just life.

People may see it a crap job but I say they don’t see it like I do. I suppose you could say I’m loving it n will probably stay to become a manager like the managers that have helped with growing up and life.