Got the Managerial Position Early at McDonalds

Hello! I am a manager at several McDonald’s in Pennsylvania. Our stores are franchised and they own six stores, in which I have worked at all six. I started there in January, 2004 and was promoted to a crew trainer 2 months later. By December of 2004, I was asked to become a “Shift Co-ordinator” (our district made this position up)!

I then was transferred to another location nearby. There I was a Shift Co-ordinator from January 2005 until this past December, 2005 When I was asked to become a full swing manager, and transfer to a store about a half hour from my house.
I was so excited and immediately said yes. I really like working at McDonald’s and feel I will be there until at least I graduate from college. O yeah! Get this,I am 17 years old! Never thought it would happen!

However, I made a stupid mistake while I was there and was demoted back down to my Shift Co-ordinator position at the store in which I left from.

I am trying real harder to get my position back, and my District Supervisor said, “When you graduate from High School!”
Overall, you people who say McDonald’s sucks. I don’t agree at all!!

I think it is a great start to a great future!! Even if you aren’t going to be there all your life!!!