Male Nurses are the Best in the Hospitals

Nursing sucks but I’m in it for the right reasons. I love helping and taking care of people. Men are the better nurses. 1) We are physically and mentally stronger, 2) We don’t get involved in the bitchy politics, 3) I don’t care about any of the miserable-bitchy-females I work with. They all suck and suck at what they do. 4) I love my patients and they love me. 5)If nursing was all men their probably wouldn’t be a shortage. 6)If it were all men it would be an enjoyable career. So, screw all you managers and miserable female nurses. I won’t take crap from anyone and I love taking care of people. That’s the reason I am there. The people I work with are the reason I don’t care about the people I work with. I make good money and I have great benefits, plus I help sick people. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME AND ALL THE OTHER MALE NURSES IN THE FIELD. -Greg-