I’m lovin’ it there at McDonalds

I’m 16 and I work at a McDonald’s in western Wisconsin. I don’t know what’s up with the restaurants with all these negative reviews, but our store is great. At our store, and the other Courtesy Corp locations, all the managers are great, ’cause most of them are fun-loving, college-aged kids. Our store is very clean and we follow the rules, especially sanitation rules. If a burger falls on the floor, we put it in the waste bin. The only rules we disregard are the wacky ones, like giving people a drink carrier for two drinks. In some other McDonald’s stories, people have said that the managers didn’t care about their breaks or overworked them, but our store is the exact opposite. The managers check to make sure that we clocked out for enough time for each of our breaks, every day, and if you come back from your break even a minute early, the manager will talk to you about it and warn you not to do it again. I’ve been working there for six months, and I was just made a Crew Trainer.

A great thing about McDonald’s is that if you love your job, like I do, it’ll pay off and you’ll become a Crew Trainer, and then a Manager. Being a Crew Trainer is cool because we get some benefits that Crew don’t get; for example, we’re getting a pizza party soon, just for us. Isn’t that great, getting paid to eat pizza ? We’re also the first to try the new menu items, like the Asian Salad that’s coming later this month. Also, since all the afternoon workers at McDonald’s are high school age like me, we have a lot of fun, and I think I might be closer to friends I’ve made at work than at school. If you get the chance to apply at McDonald’s, take it ! It’s a great place to work, and even if you could go to Target or something and get paid more, this is the place where you’ll have an exciting job filled with variety that will never get old, and with unlimited possibilities for the future.