The Stress is Not Worth the Pay for Nurses

I am so glad (but sorry too) to see all the other nurses who feel as I do. I can’t believe the stress and workload expected of the RNs in my unit and hospital. From what I read it’s the same everywhere too.

I read someone make a comment that they were driving to work and almost got into a car accident and their only thought was that they “were going to die and thank God it wasn’t AFTER their 12 hour shift” ¬†shocking as that may sound, I heard an experienced thirty something nurse say one night “sometimes I wish I’d get into a car accident coming to work so I wouldn’t have to come here” and she meant it.

The scary thing for me is that I have come back to bedside nursing after 10 yrs out of it, and it’s worse than ever. I am trying not to quit this job, and the managers like me, but I am terrified of the workload and the acuity of the patients. It seems to get worse every day, and we are short staffed almost daily.

I keep thinking of just quitting the job but I talk myself into trying to stay a week at a time.

To me this is a national crisis that people don’t realize yet. Who would want to do this job for the pay and stress they put on you? I am a good nurse. I have patients and their families hug and kiss me for the care I’ve given them. I take my job so seriously but I don’t think I can survive the stress on me.

When I ask other nurses who have been there 5-10 years they tell me it’s worse than ever and that doesn’t make me feel I will ever survive past my first year.

Depressed returning RN. :(