It’s a Hard Knock Life For a School teacher

I have taught elementary school for 25 years now. Perseverance is my middle name! It has not been easy! I could write a book filled with the anecdotes of apathetic or weird children and parents I have encountered. Some years have been horrible and stressful, others have been pretty good, with a some great times sprinkled in. It seems to grow more difficult every year. However, as pressures to achieve on test scores rise, and the overall lack of manners among students increases. The number of children that I encounter from a home of two loving parents are few. I worry about what is to become of these children in the future. I come home most nights so drained of energy I swear there must be a better way to make a living. Why do I keep coming back for more?

Thank goodness for summer vacation. It rejuvinates me, and leaves me with a fresh optimism that the coming year will be improve.
The start of school is exciting. I love to put my time into creating a learning environment that welcomes all. I imagine the wonderful lessons I will be able to teach to a new batch of eager learners. So year after year I return for more.

There are moments when a student tells you that you are the best teacher in the world, or when you go outside for a fun game of kickball with your class, or attend a field trip with your students to a stage performance at the local theater, and it’s at times like these that I say to myself, “I have the greatest job in the world! Just think, I get paid to do this!” It’s those few moments that keeps me perservering, and coming back for still one more year.