McDonalds Grill Crew Member Tells All

I started working the Harrisonville McDonalds when I was 17. I am now 18 and have been working there for over a year and a half.

Now, I am gonna bitch about it so all you fuckers that say quit and get a better job can suck my balls. If you have never worked a a McDonalds restaurant before then you have no idea what it’s like and if you have and have gotten a better job consider yourself lucky because it’s almost impossible to find a better job that is hiring close to where I live.

First I’ll tell you about my supervisor. That bitch bitches about everything while she talks on the phone or writes stuff on her little clip board. If you want everything to be perfect than do it yourself you. If you were there everyday our business would drop like a bird hit by a plane. You have no idea how to run the store. You’re only there two days a month. So just let us handle it.

Our general managers are bad too. Our previous one got fired for stealing deposit checks and then framing an assistant manager (of which he got fired for). After she knew she would be caught she quit. She was a backstabbing lying, two-faced bitch too. I met my future wife at McDonalds. We both still work there. The general manager told her that if she changed her schedule she would give her a 60 cent raise from 5.15. Which wasn’t really that much anyway. But the greedy bitch went back on her word anyway. She changed the “agreement” to where my girlfriend would have to work the entire weekend to get the raise, which I threw a fit over. And being the good boyfriend that I was I gave up one of the weekend days I had off to work so my girlfriend could have 1 weekend day off and still keep her raise.

The general manager we have now had to have become what he is through some friend he knew in the higher ranks. He is slow at everything, doesn’t know how to keep everything stocked so we keep running out of things, takes 15 smoke breaks a day, walks around acting like hes doing something and really isn’t, leaves early, sometimes doesn’t show up, and blames others and gets them written up for his mistakes such as not keeping the products stocked.

And its not just him that doesn’t do much work. Just about every type of manager we have thinks they can just walk off and smoke whenever they want.

But the one person who pisses me off more than anyone is the cocky, hot-headed dick that thinks he’s gonna become a manager. I hope you don’t become a manager. You’re too full of yourself and bitch about things of which you shouldn’t bitch about. You walk off whenever you feel like it and don’t help much when we are busy. And you called my girlfriend a bitch to her face while I was standing right next to her. This surprised me cuz I didn’t think you would do that. And I should have cursed you out for it. So i’ll do it now you bitch. Why don’t you stop being a dick and keep your cocky-ass shit to yourself. And don’t say you’re my friend. My friend wouldn’t call my girlfriend a bitch and wouldn’t keep talking shit after I tell him to stop. “Oh but I set you two up with each other, so you shouldn’t be mad at me”. Well you know what? Just because you save someones life doesn’t mean you have the right to kill them later. You need deflate your head and come to realize that you are not superior to everyone. And if you keep it up, one day your gonna mouth off to the wrong person and your gonna get your ass beat.

And I don’t want to even get started on the customers. Those of you who eat McDonalds constantly, Stop! YOU WILL EVENTUALLY DIE! Either by the food or one of the employees who snaps and decides to cut your head off with a spatula.

The moral of this story? Don’t work at McDonalds. You will get screwed over, back-stabbed, insulted, and enraged beyond what you thought possible.

Written by McDonalds grill crew member that has taken too much.