Nursing blows

I have been a nurse for almost 2 years. I studied 4…count ‘em…4 years for this career. I hated nursing school…graduated with honors. Thought it would get better. Got recruited by a very prestigious hospital in the Southeast. 1st year spent on a cardio-thoracic step-down unit. It was ok…my preceptor had been a nurse for a year, and had never precepted anyone. Impressed? 2nd year…moved to the E.R. where I thought I might learn more. When I got there, I realized a giant exodus had just taken place. Why? I wondered to myself. My preceptor in the E.R. had never precepted anyone before. I can see why. Talk about bipolar. By the end of orientation, I was afraid to ask any questions whatsoever, lest I get ignored, yelled at or laughed at (behind my back of course). Veteran nurses walk around like royalty; I might be graced with a one-word answer every now and then. Now, we have had yet another management change and another massive exodus of brilliant nurses is taking place. 4 more this month. One would think that with the huge turnover, the nursing shortage in general, and a life-sucking community that doesn’t even take care of itself, the nurses would enocourage, teach, guide. But instead, they jeer, they snub, they stab you in the back. Thanks, (names deleted out of some decency)….I come home and cry, I think about work, and I get palpitations, my anxiety level it at an all-time high. I dread coming to work. I hate the docs. They are prima-donnas with no compassion. I got yelled at the other day because I didn’t put a C-collar on a guy who got beat up and his neck hurt. Sorry, Dr. T, my patient was crashing in the next room…guess I should have priortized a little better, BITCH. Or like the attending MD who thought she was having a private conversation but was really on the intercom and was overheard complaining about the nurses. I just love the support we get from our superiors, such as the charge nurse who say shit like, “I think my team works more efficiently when staffing is inadequate.” Yes. We work so much better, and think so much clearer and can prioritize so much easier when the nurse: patient ratio is 1:9 in the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. Stupid, spastic whore. And of course there are our lovely patients. Dirty, Drug-addicted, HIV and Hep-C inflicted, pregnant AGAIN with their 7th child from God knows who; and they have had a headache for 3 days and they want relief NOW. Nevermind the 3rd gunshot wound who just came in. They have a headache! OR no….the patient who has been there for an hour and wants a sandwich. OH WAIT…my favorite one yet…”Do you have any sparkling water?” SAY WHA???? (SIGH) it’s a brutal undertaking, nursing, and pretty soon, I’m getting out. I can’t wait. I absolutely hate it.