Things to Consider Before Entering Nursing school

Hello there!

I’ve been a nursing student for 2 years already.
There are several things that you have to consider before applying to the nursing school.

1. Ask them what is the ratio between student who entered the school and actually graduated from it.
This is the most important thing to ask.
Some schools have very low ratio. For example, in my school out of 1000 people who got accepted into the program, less then 400 graduated from the school, others were kicked out at various levels.
Unfortunately, many schools accept much more students then they can afford.

2. Ask them how long is the waiting list.

3. Ask them if there are any fees over the standard “per credit” fee. Many schools charge extra fees, but you may not be aware of that if you don’t ask.

4. Ask them what is the re-admission policy if you fail the course. You must be aware, that nursing schools don’t allow student to re-take exams during the same semester. You have to pay for the course again, and sometimes wait for up to a year to get re-admitted.
In my class 10% of the students failed the course during the first semester, 30% – second, 50% – third.

5. Talk to someone who is a student at that school already and ask what (s)he thinks about the school!