Felt Relieve from Quitting Nursing For Good

I have been in the nursing program for almost a year. Six days ago, I withdrew from all my courses. The next day, I immediately tried to get back into the program but despite my good grades and attendance I was denied re-enrollment. I was unhappy with nursing but I don’t know if I made the right choice. I risk making F’s on my transcript because I dropped out after the date to receive a “w.” I also have to pay money to the school. Ironically, none of that bothers me so much though. I am slightly relieved since I wasn’t ever excited to attend clinicals/classes. But I don’t know what to change my major to, I lost all my scholarships and I haven’t told any of my family.

I hope I made the right decision because there’s nothing I can do now. Nursing is such a big responsibility and nurses have to be competent in all aspects of their jobs. They are dealing with people’s lives and that freaked me out. On top of that, nursing wasn’t what I expected it to be at all. And, reading this site slightly helped me make my decision. I honestly am kinda relieved-MAYBE ALL THIS IS A SIGN. Everything happens for a reason I guess.

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  1. WHAT in the world?.......something is "seriously" wrong w/ the above poster????? and i hope the modulator deletes the disgusting post!!!!!

    ANYWAY, to the original poster, i simpathize w/ your dilemma......
    the only thing i would've suggested differently would've been to complete the semester, then switch (to keep your scholarship, ect.), but what's done is done and you need to move forward. so, tell your family, research another career choice and get federal loans if you've lost your scholarship, but don't kick yourself if you followed your gut that nursing wasn't for you!
  2. Look...you didnt do the right thing by droping your classes...perhaps you could have handeled it a little a little better...but you were correct in passing on a nursing degree....for all the reasons I posted in another thread here. Good luck...youll find your nitch if you look....
  3. I think the OP made the right decision to drop all the classes and get out before too late. Its much better to pull out early if you're not sure you want a nursing career rather than wasting 4 years of college on a degree that you'll end up not using.

    Trust me, you absolutely made the right decision. Almost any other career you choose will very probably be a better one than nursing. Do business administration or accounting if you want a college degree that you can use in any field.

    NURSING SUCKS!!!! You are a young person. Don't waste your life on nursing. You can do sooooo much better!

    All the best to you.
  4. Whatever profession or work we have so long as we're happy and contented with the work and the pay, I'd say it doesn't matter.
  5. I am a R.N. and decided to leave nursing (and take less pay but gain more peace of mind) after 4 excruciatingly miserable years in nursing. I left nursing several months ago and the sense of relief I feel is still overwhelming! The intense pain you felt while in nursing school is indicative of what you would have faced as a working nurse. It is a field that makes its members miserable and old before their time. Do not feel bad about leaving school the way you did. I know of one nursing student who had a heart attack while in class all because of the stress. Life is too short to put yourself through this unnecessary drama. I wish I had dropped out of nursing school when I realized how miserable the whole nursing arena was making me! You will find something else to do with your life and the end result will be a positive one.
  6. I have been a qualified nurse for 20 years and can say without doubt becoming a nurse was the one single most worst decission i ever made. I cringe before every duty and dispise the job. It makes me laugh when i read all the o i feel how much i am worth and how fantastic the job is. I know yep just qualified. Like the multitudes i have met the same only to see them 2 years later when the Florence Nightingale hat has slippped more than a little studying to escape. I can't describe the misery i have seem this job bring to colleagues. Please don't delude yourself. Trust me your a dog for management to kick,a laky for doctors, the smiles are for the false front so no one complains. You complain about shortages your in trouble an seen as a problem. You don't complain you don't care. It just goes on on on and bloody on. You have x hours and before you even start you know you will not complete the jobs. My God if you actually have a patient that needs your time then your do for. You could have provided the best care ever but you miss one thing, i mean anything it all means shit. Nursing is a joke and i made sure my kids had real jobs
  7. you want a life of misery and you want to be screwed by everyone from the cleaner up, you become a nurse.
  8. Wow, I am in the exact same situation! It's like I posted that! Except I am still on the fence about finishing the semester or not. Will it make a difference if I do? I feel like I'm just prolonging my misery that way. But nursing is not for me and I'm glad I came here because I feel so much better. I also have not told my family, that will be the hard part, but reading your comments made me feel a bit better about it. Thank you all.
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