Badapapapa I’m Lovin’ It at McDonalds

Lol! Yeah by looking at my title I work at Mcdonalds. I’ve been working there for about a month. I love it. I work the night shift (from 5-10) It gets crowded at times, but sometimes it is just plain empty. I mean there isn’t really anything to do. I mean I have cleaned the counters, the lobby, and all that jazz but since I just got the job I can’t really just stand around.

Anyways, the first day was a surprise for me. ¬†They had me work the register. It’s a touch screen ( I was surprised on how sensitive and accurate it was) But, yeah It took me a while to learn where everything was. Now, I know where everything is. I’m getting used to bagging the food and don’t believe on the stories and accusations of workers having dirty hands. At McD, they make you wash your hands, and there is that alcohol smelling sanitizer to use.
It is fun for me. I was lucky to be partnered with cool managers. I mean they can have a good attitude, BUT IF THEY WANT SOMETHING DONE CORRECTLY. YOU BETTER DO IT because when its crunch time they mean business.

I love working the register, helping customers decide what they want and taking their money and handing change. A perk of working at my McD is that I get 50% off everything which is nice because I can get a meal for like 2 bucks, which is nice for a teenager who doesn’t have a lot of money to work with. Anyways, that was my opinion and story about working at McD. I love it (so far).