A Job at McDonalds is Not for Everyone

I’m 16 years old and I work at a McDonalds in WV. Before I worked at McDonalds there were certain stereotypes that were always held deep within me, such as microwaving the food. We don’t. In fact I’m happy that this McDonalds was my very first job, and I’ve been considering staying here too.

However, not just anyone can work at a McDonalds. Seriously it is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY stressful. Some people may ask what is so stressful about flipping burgers?(Mind you it’s a compression grill). Let’s see here…hmm…Drive Thru Times! You have 90 seconds(1 min and 30 sec) to answer the customer when they reach the speaker box, take their order, take their money, and hand them their food. Now you customers and thinking
“It sure as heck doesn’t get done in 90 seconds!” Yea, sometimes it doesn’t. And it’s your fault. Oh, lemme tell you this one story in DT. This lady was rude from the speaker till the second window. I handed her her food and she checked it (In cause you guys haven’t noticed YOUR HOLDING UP THE LINE DOING THAT! PULL UP AND CHECK!) and yelled at me and said
“The picture of the fish-o-filet has cheese on it! where is the cheese?!” she handed it back to me and i flipped it over(without touching it) and there it was. where its supposed to be on the bottom bun. But, now she wants it remade becuase “it looks funny” which was not one of her original complaints. 2 minutes later she’s in the store cursing and screaming

Besides the crazy customers, most of the people you’ll work with(are high) are pretty nice, and it’s cool to be with them. Though during Saturday breakfast and lunch we get murdered. It’s not a job for everyone, but if you think you can do it, come and join.