Nursing Today is Hell on Earth: Stay Away

I am a Nurse. Before I had this job, I must have had a life. I don’t now. I actually went to school and studied hard to do this demeaning, humiliating work. I’ve done it for 30 years, and I have hated every second of every minute of every hour that I’ve spent in this brutal, soul-sucking job.

I have continued to do it up to now, because I have no choice. I am my own sole support, I have to work full time,I have no time or money to get a degree in something else as a way to escape this hell. To all of you Pollyanna nurses who are either new grads or have a desk job, who will say, ‘If that’s the way you feel, please do the nursing profession and your patients a favor and quit’ I say Kiss My Ass.

In the first place, despite the fact that I hate my job, I never give my patients anything less than the best care I can provide.They would never guess how miserable I am.In the second place, Try, just TRY ever getting any other kind of work after you’ve degraded yourself by being a nurse. You can’t do it. I don’t know whether other employers actually believe that you’re overqualified, which is what they always say, or that they just think you must be a real loser to have chosen such a shit-suck existence as being a nurse.

And let’s be honest–if you are a nurse and you don’t hate your job, then you probably haven’t started orientation yet, or you have lucked into a position that doesn’t require you to do any actual nursing.

Here’s an example of how working as a nurse makes a person feel: I was on my way to work one day, when a car spun into my lane, narrowly missing a head on collision with my car. My only thought was: “If I’m going to die, THANK GOD it’s on the way TO work and not after I’ve put in another 12 hours of hell.”
If you stick with it, nursing will reward you by destroying you. It will destroy your happiness. Then it will destroy your family life, then it will destroy your health. Finally, it destroys your very humanity. It will take whatever spark is in you that makes you laugh, love, care, feel; suck it right out of you and take your soul along with it.

Want to make a difference, and help people? Forget it. You won’t have time to make a difference,and you won’t have time to care.You won’t possibly have time to do all the things that you are assigned to do for all your patients, so you will prioritize, do only the most important ones, and lie about the rest. And after a while, you won’t even feel guilty.

Want to have a family? Well, plan on spending every holiday and most weekends away from them. YOUR holiday memories will be of playing step and fetch it for some thankless moron who thinks nothing of farting in your face while you bend over his reeking bedpan to wipe his fat ass. You’ll only get to see your son’s first homerun on videotape, cause you had to work on your weekend off, like you will 99% of the time. Daughter’s first Prom? Too bad.

You’ll be working late and missing it. People aren’t just sick in the daytime, you know. But don’t think your Supervisor, the one who made you stay over, will ever be there on a weekend, holiday, or one minute past 4PM. Only you.
Think your patient’s appreciation for your care will ‘make it all worthwhile’? Think again–no one appreciates what you do. They believe you owe it to them to perform any degrading personal duty that they can think to ask for with a smile on your face, ’cause YOU’RE A NURSE! And far from wondering how to express their appreciation, they’re only thinking of the next disgusting thing they can get you to do before you leave the room.And trust me, there’s nothing they won’t ask, because, they’re gonna get their money’s worth! And that includes you carrying coffee to all their psycho visitors,when you’re too busy to even see your own patients, and pretending not to hear their rude comments and suggestions.

Think that as a nurse, you’ll be in a career that commands respect? Get that notion out of your head. To management and administration, you’re nothing but a nameless drudge. Nursing Staff is just an annoying expense, as far as they’re concerned, and the fewer they can run the place with, the better. After all, money squeezed from the nursing budget can go for more worthwhile things, like THEIR salaries, bonuses and new offices. No, there’s never any money in the budget for hiring and retaining nurses, but they’ll spend millions of dollars on PR to promote services they can’t provide when the patient gets there.

But don’t EVER tell a patient that the reason they had to wait an hour for the bedpan or a pain shot is because you’re understaffed! That kind of talk will get you fired. You see, it’s a secret!Even though you’ll be working dangerously,or even criminally understaffed, you can never say so. Apparently you’re supposed to smile and say ‘Sorry, I’m guess I’m just incompetent.’

Retirement? What a joke. No nursing job has a pension plan.Even assuming that you somehow survive this job long enough to retire they’ll always fire you first. It’s the ‘unwritten policy’ for anyone who looks like they might make it. And woe to the nurse who has stuck with it long enough to be at the top of the pay scale. You might as well paint a target on your back, because you’re days are numbered.

There’s just too many naive ‘I’m gonna make a difference, even if I do have to start out with lousy hours and be on call’ new grads out there to make your experience worth anything.

The giant dysfunctional conglomerate that calls itself a health care system in this town has an annual event called ‘So You Wanna Be a Nurse?’. They go to local schools, signing up little 4th through 6th graders for ‘a fun day of learning’. Smiling nurses in sparkling uniforms spend the day showing these poor innocents how to take temperatures and blood pressures, and tell them how wonderful it is when you grow up, to have a career where you can help others. These nurse pimps should be shot.Someone needs to tell these kids the truth. I’ve been hit, kicked, spit on, puked on, shit on. I’m sick half the time from people coughing in my face. Nurses wipe everyone’s asses but their own, because there’s no time for them to have a bathroom break. They gain weight from wolfing down junk food on the run, or lose weight and get sick, because ‘lunch break’ is a fantasy. They spend long periods of the day grinding up pills and mashing them in applesauce,and cajoling people with brown stumps of teeth to ‘just take a bite’ only to have it all spit back in their faces. I’ve had urinals emptied on me, I’ve been nearly strangled with my own stethoscope.

Nurses work with people so confused they eat their own shit, but who can’t be restrained from beating you to a pulp, because their dignity has to be maintained. Dignity? What do you think that brown stuff is under their fingernails when they scratch the hell out of you because you tried to keep them from falling? Should anyone have to do this to earn a living?

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in nursing–Get out now! You’d be better off throwing yourself INTO a burning building than to ever get sucked into this hell on earth.