Waitressing is Better than Teaching Bratty Kids

I went and got a masters’ degree because I thought teaching was my dream.

My family was so proud because I’d no longer be waiting tables! I was the first one in my family to not only go to college but to get a masters’ degree!

Anyway, my student teaching went OK. It was in the inner city (NY) and sometimes very scary, but for the most part very satisfying.

Then I moved upstate and started sub teaching in a wealthier area.

Can I just say…these kids were some of the worst I’d ever seen?

They were so spoiled and unruly. One kid threw crayons on the floor one day and stomped on them. When I told him to pick them up he wrinkled his little nose at me (this was a 2nd grader) and told me, “You’re the maid. You do it!”

The little snot was the son of some over-priced lawyer and obviously spoiled to the core.

Another time a parent came in to complain about me because I dared to ‘discipline’ her daughter. Her daughter had hit another child and was made to sit in the corner for 15 minutes. The parent denied that her child ever misbehaved. She actually told the school heads that I needed to be ‘let go’!

Here I am making a crappy $75/day (with no benefits) and this lazy, don’t-need-a-job-shops-all-day-long mother wants to take away my job! Bitch.

Some of the kids were so used to getting their way all the time that when you tried to get them to sit down and behave they would pitch tantrums appropriate for a 2-year-old. I studied child development. By 7,a child should not be behaving that way. Something is definitely wrong at home if a 7 year old still acts like a 2 year old.

I had insulting comments thrown at me constantly. No respect whatsoever from either children or parents. I’d work 10, 11 hour days and never get a compliment.

The other teachers all hated their jobs and chain-smoked and talked about retirement.

The other teachers told me that basically the parents ‘controlled the school’ and you had to suck up the them.

F that!

I went back to waitressing and am now starting my own business. It’s so great not to wake up in the morning and feel like the stomach acid was eating away at my innards.