Surrounded with Immature Co-workers at Tim Hortons

Hello, my name is Big Kyle. I am 17 and I have worked at Tim Hortons for a year and two months. In this time I have learned that you need to be extremely careful when eating at a fast food joint. For instance, my co-worker has accidentally put a glove in his teachers sandwich, passed out a sandwich with blood on it, when I cut myself and went for first aid, and he sometimes stares at customers when I am taking their order. I am 17 and I feel like I am some 60 year old worker because I am one of the few mature people there.

We always get a fly infestation in the summer. Many times customers complain because flies die in mid air and nose dive into their soup. The only thing safe their might be our drinks, except coffee you might get the four hour old pot if your mean. I thank God that I am starting my new job at McDonalds where there should be more mature people, and I will make more then 20 hrs a week, something Tim Hortons just isn’t willing to give anyone on evening shift, well I gotta go, my co-worker is in the middle of something else.