So you want to be a HVACR Service Technician!

My job is Operations Manager for a medium sized 10-12 truck heating and air conditioning service company. This has been most of my life 34 years in the trade with 100,000 hours assisting and servicing. Yea the math for 34 years should have me around 2000 a year or 68,000 hours — not in this trade if you wanted to make it years ago it took extra time in to learn the trade beyond the basic Technician.

20 years ago (1986) I was making $33.00 an hour as a top mechanic. I still fully enjoy this trade and will work another 20 years if I can. It amazes me as to how many people have come up to me over the years at filling stations etc., telling me how were in the trade or trained for it ! – but are no longer in it. It takes an engineering mind set to do repairs on commercial and industrial equipment and a lot of hours a week. Some paid, some learning unpaid.

No one should enter this trade if they think it is an 8-5 job Monday thru Friday.  You have to be available from 6 am Р6:30 pm daily.
Those considering it as an easy place to hang out and make big money should -should reconsider!