What’s It Like at McDonald from The Point of View of a Young Crew

So here i am, a 15 year old kid that is working in a shit-hole building that they call McDonalds. Pretty Much I could sum up my experienced at McDonalds in one word;SUCKS. Ok, my daily routine. I wake up at about 6:00am in the morning because of some dumbshit reason they want the 15 year old to suffer on his Sat. So i wake up, find my gay ass hat and shirt, put my little pin on that says service with a smile(which is about the exact opposite of what me working is like) and off to McShit-hole for me. I walk in and I’m greeted by the most ignorant uneducated bunch of retards I have ever seen in my life. I asked the manager what it is she wants me to do today even though I know I will go on the register which isn’t always so bad. Then, I wait and wait for someone desperate enough to eat at Mcdonalds to come in. Usually nobody comes in and I sit there and get yelled at to stock shit up when everything is done. I figured out when they want to seem powerful being some manager and want to give orders to the younger ones even though there is nothing to do, that is the best they come up with. Then, many Amish people come in at the same time for some reason.I don’t know if they are all together on some big Amish bus or what but about 10 of them come in and you don’t even know how much they frustrate me. They come in sometimes and and can’t figure out what the “Meal” is. They order a bunch of “meals” and when I give them their food they don’t understand why they are getting fries. OMG. If you are reading this and don’t know why they got the fries either, its people like you that make McDonalds suck. After all the Amish go away, I sit and i deal with all types of ignorant retards ordering and the ones working there. Some have their own terms for foods such as”home fries” for hash browns. I mean WTF?

If you don’t know what it is called in the middle-east USA ask someone before spreading your stupid dumbassness onto me. Some people think that McDonalds is so great. BULLSHIT! It sucks dick. I had a person with down syndrome teach me how to wash tables. I told her I think I got it but no, she had to tell me the useful bit of information that you take a wet cloth and rub it on the surface of the table. If that’s not the most time wasting frustrating dumbshit thing I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is. I’ve eaten everything on the menu and let me tell you. Basically, it all just plain out sucks. Who the hell wants to eat enlarged chicken breasts after they have been soaked in the nastiest shitty oil grease crap for an hour. There are little chunks of shit that bubble up to the top and float in that nasty chicken gross greasy shit. If I had any other option AT ALL of jobs id rather clean shit out of horse stables or something. McDonalds is the only place that’ll hire a 14 year old kid. Someday I hope that Mcdonalds burns to the ground so I never have to spend another gay ass moment in that place again. So, I guess this is the end of my story. I’m not telling you not to get a job at McDonalds. Ya that’s pretty much it actually. It sucks, you’ll thank me in the long run.