Kurdish Waiter Duties……..Dreaming of My Own Restaurant.

I work in a keller. Every day the people order and I serve them breakfast, lunch, apertifs. I came from Turkey. I’ve been here for 11 years in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m not actually Turkish, I’m Kurdish. In Turkey it is a bit hard for us. In 1988, I came to Switzerland.

I find it very nice here. The people are nice. It’s fun when you’re fun and it’s not fun when you aren’t fun. The people are generally fun and I’m generally fun, so I enjoy my job. It’s a nice restaurant and when you have good cooking and a nice chef and high standards, there are no problems. There is little stress.

I have to like it because I can’t really stop working. Here in Switzerland I must work due to the regulations here. There is an office which I must go to and if I have a job and get a good recommendation, I can stay and after working for a certain number of years you get benefits as well.

My boss is good. When I’m good, he’s good. When I’m not good, then perhaps there is a bit of noise but it’s always like that.

I used to be a metal worker. That was my profession, but now I have problems with my eyes and cannot do that anymore. Still, I like working in restaurants.

In the future, I’d like to have my own restaurant with Kurdish food. I’ll find a nice place and make my specialities. Shish kebabs, doner with rice. ┬áMaybe in the far future, I’ll be a director of a restaurant rather than working there. It’s good to always think high.