Amusement Park worker Tells All the Dirty Deeds

Where must I begin, well to start off I t was my first job, and I was so excited to be working at Michigan’s “So-called” number one amusement park. I thought it was going to be a wonderful experience,making money and meeting new people. However, I had it all twisted about them.

I worked in the games department ,and asked anyone who worked around there money,all the bull we had to endure. You couldn’t even give guest change without the bosses looking at you with suspicion ,there was so much bad camaraderie. It was crazy.
They put too much pressure on the employee to perform to their liking. And, let me tell you it was straight up hell, The company prides itself on having the worlds most friendliest of staff,and you know why? It’s because you have idiot bosses always telling you to act happy,and smile. To you it may sound simple, however, it was extremely difficult because of the standing without siting from open to close. ┬áPlus, dealing with stupid,rude ass guests. It was difficult for me because I also had social anxiety,and if guest didn’t keep there children under control,and something happened ,such as the kid stealing,without you having a clue. If they found out about it you would be fired.I was fired,so was my sister’s boyfriend,and his friends where also fired over the most stupid reasons.

The day I got fired was a confusing circumstance, this is how it happened. I finally was working at a game I actually liked ,because those bastards had me on the same game for a month. It was the last day of the week, which was the busiest of days. And, I was in a rush, to get things done. So, then this lady came out of nowhere,and said to me she was going to do an audit, Me being curious I asked what did she mean. After I said that she gave a evil look. so she searched my apron,apparently it comes out that I’m missing a ten,I thought that was normal because, it was a busy game,and a course it would be human nature to make that mistake. So, she looked again she found it crumbed up , I guess that was a huge crime,in there money hungry brains. However, it didn’t seem like a big deal to me. So, they fired me, I was so angry,and pissed because I never was heard out,because they place money, before the person,and that was so wrong. However I would never recommend anyone work there. If you do get in that situation, don’t be afraid to curse them out, I swear that’s what should of done.