Being a Special Education Teacher at Alabama Public School Systems

I have been a special education teacher in the Alabama Public School Systems for 16 years and I’ll tell you, it’s no piece of cake. Being a male I was sort of pushed into special education though I had always had an interest in the field. I got my chance when I was hired to be a teacher of Emotionally and Behaviorally Disordered students. Well, I can’t lie and say I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and I always thought if it didn’t work out for me that it would be because of the kids. God, was I ever wrong!

I soon discovered the politics and the under the table shenanigans that infest our state’s school systems. I have had to deal with clueless Superintendents, Coordinators, Principals, Assistant Principals, and Counselors. No one has the best interest of the child but only the bottom dollar and making their jobs easier.

You can also forget about getting any financial support to develop your program. I had all these great ideas to make a good, effective EBD classroom and of course, there was never any money to do anything with. I was always promised things that never happened.

I for one would tell anybody wanting to be a special education teacher in the state of Alabama to think long and hard. The job is shi#. It is shi# everywhere you go. I personally plan on getting out of special education in the near future. All the federal government requirements is ruining special education.