The Story of Underpaid LPNs and Treated Like Slaves

The pay isn’t what the public thinks.$15 to $20 depending on what type of work you do. Most places treat LPNs as if they’re shit cleaner uppers with the responsibility of a Registered Nurse.(aka-”Real Nurse”)

Plenty of places advertise a “sign on bonus”. But there are so many restrictions and conditions that it’s next to impossible to get it.When you go to apply,they never mention any sign on bonus.

I’m amazed that the first nursing home I ever worked at is still open after all these years.It was infested w/ cockroaches and mice.They were notoriously understaffed .God forbid they call an agency.

Some families and patients can be problematic.But the worst stress comes from the lazy,mean-spirited,gossipy co-workers.Nursing has too many chronically miserable women looking to shine a chair seat w/ their fat asses.