From Heath Care to Health Business

I was so proud and happy when I became a nurse. In my first job,I was treated like an uneducated piece of crap by the oafish,lazy shift supervisor who was very good at pushing her responsibilities onto anyone else. The N.H,which amazingly,is still open,was infested w/ cockroaches as well as mice.

They hired people who could scarcely speak English.Or maybe they pretended not to understand me when I’d ask for a Bp or temp or to give the residents fresh water.It got to the point that I was doing all that plus my own work. It has been almost two decades and things are getting worse. From places that expect employees to park several city blocks away from the facility and walk to their cars late at night to finding more stupid crap to do that doesn’t require a nursing license.

The county home here has nurses give out all nutritional supplements using the excuse :”We caught some aides pouring the Nutrashakes down the sink”. So, deal w/ the CNas who aren’t doing their job. Don’t use mass punishment as an excuse.That was outlawed in the military decades ago as illegal and inhumane.

Health care is only a good deal if you’re an illegal alien because you don’t pay a dime. If you’re an American citizen, avoid hospitals and nursing homes at all costs! The main concern is how many patients can we stuff into the place and how can we get away with hiring as little staff as possible to keep expenses down?

The name of the game should be Health business not health care.Yup, get precious little real “care” nowadays.The nurse you have may be a lazy,gossipy,mental case whose only desire is to shine the seat of a chair w/ her fat ass or an overworked,stressed out nurse who is actually there to work to the beat of her ability. But, her lazy co-workers and uncaring administrators don’t give a shit what happens on any unit, just as long as they maintain their high-paying administrative jobs w/ designated parking spaces near the entrance and have little to do except drink coffee and chat w/ other employees.