A 15 Year Old Employee Unfairly Fired at McDonalds

I’m only 15 yrs old but I’ve been working at Mcdonalds for 5 months. For my first job, I loved it. The people are so friendly and you always have the same customers coming in everyday. I got along great with all the managers and always came in to work whenever they were short some people. I used to love Mcdonalds until today!!!

My family moved into a new area and I transferred Mcdonalds. I was having it rough trying to figure out where everything was. Everything was not where I was used to it being. I felt like I was being watched and I also felt i was doing everything wrong. But I’m a good worker and my old managers said i was one of their best. Until today i started my first day at the new Mcdonalds. It went all wrong the manager told me that I couldn’t eat in the lobby or eat with friends on my break which I am used to because we were allowed to at the other Mcdonalds. I got a little upset and i told him that it was stupid. That’s all i did. I didn’t make a big scene or yell. I said well I guess I will wait outside for my mom in the cold since I’m not allowed to sit in the lobby on break.

When my break was over he asked me to come over to the office and then he told me that he saw a little attitude. He told me that he thinks I have an attitude and he doesn’t need that at his store. I was hurt and confused i walked home baling my eyes out because I couldn’t understand what I had done. His Mcdonalds was different from the one I used to work at things were in different places. He didn’t even give me a chance to learn his way. He didn’t give me a chance to show I can do it. He never told me any rules to follow. But yet he fired me for an attitude that I never had all I did was make a face and waited outside for my mom. I was just wondering if he was being serious or not about not sitting in the lobby. How am I suppose to know that they work differently than other stores. I ended up walking home in the cold wondering how I gave him an attitude. And, why i got fired i did such a good job at the other Mcdonalds and now he made me feel like i knew nothing and i was learning something new when I do know what I’m doing I just needed a little time to learn the new surrounding and the new people but instead I got fired.

I only worked 4 hrs on my first day at the new Mcdonalds and fired that’s how low the manager is. But at the other one I felt it was the best job ever. The people and the employees.