Uncut:The Behind the Scene at Sardellas

So, I just started at Sardellas, a local pizza place in Arizona. I get calls from customers saying they don’t want the wings because it tasted like they used old oil or they got food poisoning. Oh and we clean our bathrooms with glass cleaner. I never knew glass cleaners killed bacteria [sarcasm] & when I got called for an interview my mom told me I was suppose to be there at 5:30 but when I got there the interview was actually suppose to be at 3:30 [thanks mom :) --again sarcasm] so I was surprised when the manager rescheduled and just thought that there was no way of getting that job, but I did. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. If I was a manager I would never even given me a second chance. If you’re late the first time most likely you’ll be late all the time [which isn't the case but still] So, ya I think that’s a bad thing.

This place just disgusts me and I have no idea why I’m working at a pizza place when I hate fast food-the most disgusting type of food-this place sucks and I hate it and I’ve only been working for 5 eeffffing days. psssh. sardellas sucks. the end.