ElementaryTeachers Dealing with Misbehaving Parents

Why do parents get to drop off their kids for 8-10 hours a day (we have extended days), tell them to do their homework, feed them dinner, and then send them to bed and still be called the parent. I’m sorry I was with your bad child all day and you come into my classroom without a nice word to say?? Hmmm, something is wrong with this picture. Why is it like pulling teeth to get parents to come to their child’s conference? Hello people! Your child’s future is at stake! I actually had a father get upset that his child was on the Honor Roll because he felt that we were giving her too much help!

Can you believe it! He didn’t understand why we were doing afterschool tutoring and requiring her to go to intersession classes. What is wrong with these people? Someone needs to make sure that parents have a valid parenting license before they go populating the earth and spreading their stupidity.

And since when did teachers become doormats and punching bags? In Asia, teachers are respected and held in high esteem. In America teachers are like the crumbs left in the baking pan. I always thought that teaching was my passion, and indeed it is. But none told me that the parents would be so ignorant. No one told me that each day someone has an issue and teachers are like vibe catchers- all they do is take in everyone else’s baggage. Teachers give, give, give, until they are broken down and worn out. Natural gifts are stripped away. Something must be done!