McDonalds in Canada Have Good Working Environment

I am Crew Trainer in the Prince George McDonalds Restaurants. I’ve been reading all these stories here about McDonalds being the worst place ever to work, how employees are treated like crap, and how management works for 10 hours non-stop.

This may be true in Restaurants outside of Canada, but here we have regulations.

After an entire year in the business, the most aggressive I have seen from a Manager was taking an improperly made burger and tossing it into the waste bin.

When our shifts begin they ask us how we are doing, chat with us, joke with us, they really connect with us.

Training wages in Canada are $6.00/hr, McDonalds pays a Training wage of $6.50/hr. This may not seem like much, but by the time you get your 500 hours in, you will have an addition $250 dollars in your pocket compared to other workplaces.

Every 6 months we are given performance reviews, and wage reviews in which we will probably get paid more. We are also given regular opportunities to advance through the ranks, as well as notice of when a promotion is going to be offered to Crew-People.

Ever hear of WHMIS? We have, before we were even hired. McDonalds cares about our safety and will make sure that we understand the dangers & precautions of all chemical substances in the building.

Flexible Schedules is an understatement. People are always bitching about being scheduled 30 hours a week or more. The only reason they get that many hours is because they work decently enough, AND wrote down a high availability statement. If they don’t like the hours, they can tell the Scheduling Manager to cut it down, and guess what? He/She will.

The Managers get a pretty good deal too, I don’t know much on their situation, but I can assure you that they are NOT scheduled beyond 8 hours. In addition, they may take a total of 1 hour break time at any time they wish.

That’s all I have to say. Work at McDonalds.