Courier everyone’s jealous of my crap job!!?!?!

I initially was hired into an admin/ clerical position, but the previous courier quit, and being as it was, part of my job to fill in for him, I have somehow wound up with this job permanently. I will admit, I loved it to begin with, at least, the idea of it. I get to be outside the office practically all day, no supervision… Not that I ever didn’t get the job done, it’s just nice to not be hounded all the time.

Anyway, all was well and good I got all kinds of “thanks for doing this” nd “we really appreciate it” right up until the point where it became my permanant job.

I work for about 55 people, almost 20 of them attorneys, the rest assistants and paralegals. Almost everyone has worked there a very long time and consider it “theirs”, not only that, everyone considers themself the “boss” and in my position , everyone is the “boss”.

Here’s what I do:

I walk to the post office first thing AM, load all of the mail- for 50+ people into a large canvas bag, which on most days of the week overflows the bag, cuts the circulation from my shoulder and forces me to walk with about a 35 degree tilt. I could drive to the post office, but there are about 3 parking spaces around the building, which always have a long line of cars awaiting their vacation… I haven;t found a scale to weigh it yet, but the mail bag probably weighs… 40lbs (did I mention, I’m female- and pregnant) it’s not too much, but to carry it in such an awkward form and over the shoulder just really makes me excited to get up in the morning. Of course, sort the mail, but I usually get help once I have put the bag down.

I do some bookeeping stuff after that for about 30 minutes, which is super easy and I don’t mind it a bit, because I get to sit down and all…

Then, I drive- my own run-down vehicle- around this crazy traffic-infested town about 60 miles/ day. (I get a mileage reimbursement which is good, but my car is not handling the strain well at all.)

On top of the ridiculous things I have to do for business purposes… “Urgent” packages that need to be there ASAP (even if it prevents me from getting to something that really does need to be done) for somebody who turns out to be on vacation for the week. I also get the pleasure of delivering Christmas and Birthday presents, paying people’s overdue bills, and generally running a million otherpersonal errands for these people.

There is a “schedule”, which everybody has a copy of and which is not terrible hard to remember of all the places I go and the times, but when it comes to that, everyone in my office is either illiterate or plagued by a time-management disease, seeing as how when 4:00 rolls around and I am supposed to be going to one of my specified stops, everybody suddenly needs something from across town, IMMEDIATELY… of course, I am supposed to get off work at 5. hahaha

I recieve numeruos anonymous envelopes with no addresses to deliver to- God knows who- everyday. I wind up driving around looking for a non-existent address at least twice a week, and multiple wrong addresses and wrong contacts every day.

I work with/ for almost everybody in town as I have to deal with nearly every bank teller and government employee in town… every day. And, as you would assume, they are not nearly all pleasant to work with. :D

As I said, I average about 60 miles/day… rain or shine, that’s about 30 stops, so I get in and out of my car well over 60 times/day. All that time on the road I encounter a wide array of crazy drivers, all seemingly bent on killing me (I have found this particularly true of utility drivers- cable, telephone, dumptruck, etc I guess their jobs on the road make them crazy, too)

I recently applied for a new car insurance policy completely unaware that my stupid job was going to add a huge raise to my premiums. It’s no suprise, though, I literally escape death 50 times a day.

Considering- I am reliable, always pleasant, and make everybody at work’s life easier- they are worse than thankless. They are all insanely spoiled and demanding and constantly whining. Some places close earlier than others, the banks take deposits for the day only up until a certain time, these things are not of my doing, but you sure couldn’t convince these people.

We have a “business casual” dresscode, which bears no resemblance to any “business casual” dresscode I have ever seen. On “casual Friday” we do not wear jeans, but we can “go without stockings if appropriate for the outfit”. I have tried and failed to abide by the dresscode. I am out in the rain and the heat or the cold all day, I get in and out of (a very small) vehicle over 60 times a day and very often do what equates to manual labor, I cannot wear a suit and heels, although I have heard a thing or two about my “unprofessional dress”… I don’t really care.

I am also expected to maintain the law library and the file storage, which is fed seemingly daily with 80+ pound boxes of files that I have to (by myself- did I mention pregnant and NOT a bodybuilder) load and unload into my car and carry to their destination. Along with some other bookeeping things. This stuff just piles and piles up because I am only able to spend about an hour physically in the office.

I am a perfectionist and it drives me crazy having so much undone and having my job run so unsmoothly, but there is nothing I can do about it. I will admit there are things (people mostly) that I like about work. I have pretty good benefits, although I only gross $375/wk. And even though many of them piss me off royally I do like a lot of people at work. However, there is nothing about my job I like.

I get comments all the time about how lucky I am to have this job because I “get to be out all day” and “it isn’t really like work”. I say to anyone who wants my job, you can have it.