No ammount of Ice Cream can make me cool….

Well I worked at a Dairy Queen for about 2 1/2 years. I worked at an independently owned restaurant so Ihad not only the managers on my ass but also the owners. The owners wroked closely to the store which is odd because most of the time owners just drive by occassionally and pick up their money. I started off making the ice cream novelties. Worked up to be a cashier and then went to work in the kitchen (burgers and fries) and then was an assistant manager. Through all of this I got frequent raises and a lot of responsibilty. Now for the stories:

While working there most of the employees were either in High School or College and the dreaded 20 year managers. The male owner of the store was a very big man and when needed he would take female co workers who had slipped up and made a mistake into the cake area and would proceed to yell at them until they cried. Now I think that it is f-ed up that he does that to girls and then treats us guys differently but when you see one of your friends going back to their work station with tears streaming down from their eyes it makes something burn inside of you.
the owner would mix work with his real estate job as well which was kind of weird when you are renting from him that you have to go to the local DQ to pay your rent. I would recieve checks and would have no idea what to do with them.
One time when I was working I was filtering the fryer, something done once a week which is gross but I forgot to turn off the fryer so it was still lit. I started to pour the oil back in and the biggest inferno I have ever seen arose. It was cool but my manager and owner sure did not like it. I was taken aside one Sunday morning and told, “we depend on you to help the manager and we can’t have mistakes like that.” It was then found out that I was an assistant manager. Kind of weird huh?
The owner would bring garbage from his own home and have me take it out to the dumpster for him. Lazy bastard.

Now the summers. Ohhhh man I don’t even know hw to say this without getting flashbacks. Time stops. Everything runs in slow motion. You have customers, managers, owners, and co workers al yelling at you in no particular order. It takes a lot of patience.
Nothing at my work was clean. I couldn’t eat from there anymore after a while.

I had a co worker who was constantly high and could not epend on him. The odd thing was that the owners knew about it too and he was never terminated. he would go into the walk in cooler and start doing whippets.

I had a manager that always talked about problems in her marriage. I was 17 years old at the time! I knew nothing of relationships so I do the nodding head and answer “Yeah I hear ya.”

While working with knives I have so many scars on my fingers from slicing into them. All the blades were dull which was even worse.

I went to the dentist a year after I had quit my job and found out that I had 4 cavities and they were deep too. Don’t get addicted to Mr. Misties.

The job had some fun moments and that was usually with myself and co workers. The best part about a shitty job is that there are others that feel the same way about it so it doesn’t take long to build friendships.