Work at a Small McDonald’s, It’s better.

Yo, I work at McD’s, But my story is different because it took 3 months to get my job and my McD’s is connected to a Gas Station. Here’s my story 100% truth (unlike some other stories on here which I think is bullshit)

Nov. ‘05: I applied for a job at McD’s, And I get no responce. A few days after that I went to that McD’s to get some food and theres a stand with a giant stack of applications. I grab one and I noticed it had 2 sides. Which the 1st one I submitted had 1 side. So the first app. I made was a misprinted one. So I get a 2nd app. and WOMG I get a call! 3 days later I had an interview, It all was great until she noticed I was 15. The only blow that made me unable me to get a job there.

Let’s fast forward to Jan. ‘06: Went to get a soda pop from the gas station and the manager that interviewed me and asked me if I was 16. I recently did (yay 16!) and she wanted a 2nd interview w/me. What I didn’t know was it wasn’t an interview. (damn I overdressed)

What happened was I got my EMPLOYEE PACKET!! I was like OMFG OMFG I GOT A JOB WOHOOOHOOHOHOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! and started in a week.

FIRST DAY: I worked the inside register, Crew trainer taught me how to make the orders and such, took a while but I have the hang of it.

What else I do is check lobby, check ice, clean when need be, make the toasted deli subs (gloves are harder to put on then make the subs, heh). Occasionally I do the drive-thru also, It’s not bad. U take the money, give change yadda yadda yadda. No Pissed off and rude customers yet except when the card network was down this one person just drove off like an ass. Other than that, it’s alright.

Allright now the part that this site is for, my enviroment.

co-workers are friendly and helpful when u need help. Yet I’m yet to see a “bad” co-worker in action… yet. The managers are the polar opposite of most McD’s they all are nice. Reading these stories almost made me reconsider, But I said “If I get a bad manager I will just go right up to him and bitch until I’m fired or s/he fixes his/herself, and fuck all the whiney brats that bitch here cause your tloo fucking lazy to serve hamburgers. and if u don’t like it FUCK YOU!” Yeah I said that in my head, not out loud. But with the good… there’s the bad. Wait, did I mwention we have no bathrooms? Thats gas station territory.

I hate doing dishes, and over picky customers. This one person ordered a bunch of stuff and wanted extra that, none of that, then decides the person wants to make it a meal, then checks the god damn fry cartons to see if I skimped on the fries. I’m saying “ok.” but in my head I’m like “OMFG this stupid fucking customer, just eating your fucking food and leave!” there’s more but it’s unsuitable to the little kids that visit. All in all this McD’s is allright. If u think about a McJob, find a small one thats fused w/a gas station so there are some diff’s. Space is a premium though. Only prob. no bathrooms for customers to leave u a “present” for u to clean up. And everyone is there to help u.

Oh crap I forgot something else I get. Oh yes. the perks! U get a free meal before, during, or after work. If u fill
in for someone. U get a ticket for any meal u want. ANY. Downside to the free meal is u can’t get a special way (like none of that or extra that) so I get the selects meal. the filling in meal u get WHATEVER u want and any way u want it. Luckilly I’ve filled in a couple times and gotten a nice and spicy chicken. Oh and yes it IS spicy. Yea one of like only 2 food claims. (other being the baked cookied. Thay are OMFG actually fresh. Yea they’re FRESH!! and they’re 3 for a buck. with my 25% discount card (Did I mention that :P ) and get 3 cookies for 80 cents. I’m hoping in a year I will be a crew trainer and maybe a manager. But I’m Lovin’ it! (so far)