Graphic Designer…….Not so sure it’s for me anymore

I’m 23 and had been a Graphic Designer for the past 3 years for a small company till I was let go from the company. The first year was probably the best year and the only year I enjoyed working for the company that employed me.

Being creative and using the skills you learned was great but having to deal with clients and deadlines and management was a big pain in the ass. It seemed like everything that I created would be completely changed into something else by the people higher up who make all the deicisions and who also have no idea about color and concept and design, therefore the work would come out completely LAME!

Another big drawback was the office setting sitting behind a computer all day in a small cubicle hardly interacting with anybody other than your boss, and when you did interact with your co-workers it was only to find that they we’re miserable more than you thought you could possibly be.

I’ve come to realize I don’t think this is a profession that I can do at age 45-50 and be successful, because let’s face it, how many 45-50 year old graphic designers do you know? Being the artsy-fartsy designer in the corner cubicle isn’t going to buy you the Volvo and that great 4-bedroom suburban home. With 4 past years of experience working in the hospital setting before I graduated from college, I’m definately pondering starting all over again for a profession in the medical field.

Even though there’s tons of Anti-Nursing posts on this site, If you don’t like the rush of things and having to deal with people all day, then maybe sitting behind a computer in a cubicle as a Graphic Designer is for you guys!