Fired by a drunk GM who loves the double d’s…….server/waiter in sport’s bar

My work doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power, but dealing with the general, up-tight snobby and demeaning public is…I was, until last week, a server in a high class sports bar in Portland Oregon.

Sometimes, most times I laughed to myself that I took my job and my love of doing this job so seriously. Is it my ignorance to not finishing college, was it my insistant need of acceptance from others, was it this instant gratification of upwards of $180 in tips a night? Maybe… only I will know when I truely find what I am on this planet for.

So I work for this place, in an elite part of downtown Portland…for Portland it was above the rest of the sports bars in the area. The only seperation between this bar and the others, incompetant owners (GM mainly) and therefor all the trashy managers and executive cooks as well. Turn an hour after noon eveyday and the GM is drunk staring and mumbling at the fake dd’s on the bartender, who is gratuatisly lapping up the attention…not sure if this girl is a highschool graduate of the world or not, most likely not I would bet.

People like that suck, I have a nice full breasts, but they peak out occationally, never falling out, and certainly not for money or for anyone else than for my boyfriend. Girls like that piss me off . I always thought of quiting, I just never thought I would be fired for not being a slut. I broke the records for the highest sales twice, with my shirt on and my back off the floor.

So when they accused me of STEALING MONEY!!!?? I was so pissed and hurt I couldn’t even speak, I cried in front of the assholes, cursing my period and thinking that this was absurd.I felt so helpless that these ignorant and incompatent one’s were trying to push me into a corner and out the door. For two weeks after this closed door confrontation of me pocketing money, I was completly ignored from here on out. I needed the money so I toughed it out, trying to ignore what was going on because rent doesn’t go away even if you close your eyes till you see the white dots, I tried to keep a positive outlook.

A week later, I was taken off the schedule without my knowledge. Now I am working in a flower shop as a temp, Happy Valentines everyone…

In five years I hope to be happy, working in as a server, because I do love it, I do love the money and the people who say I am the best server they have had in 20 years. I lap that shit up. I love that about this career… so many variables. But I want to pin this guys balls to the wall, I was fired because I didn’t show my tits, I know it, I didn’t steal and I have a brain that I would have gotten caught. Only the ignorant steal like that. If this guy could ever talk without showing his complete and unbelievable social phobias I might have been able to understand his climb to this so called top of the corporate ladder. Were they all drunk at a strip club when they made this guy the boss??? Who the hells knows. Maybe more come….