nuursing is dysfunctional

Nursing is a dysfuctional job that attracts dysfuctional people. Most of the people in it come from families with alcoholism, drug use, etc. These people are used to being shit on and living in the middle of craziness and nursing reinforces that.
It has always amazed me how much nurses are willing to put up with from every direction. Its the job where the patient yells at you to empty your shit and you are supposed to smile while you are doing it. It is a self abusive job. You are in the middle of everyone elses crap. You get it from all directions. And God help you if you speak up because you are then labelled as having a negative attitude and being rude and disrespectful. Nuses are masochists. They heap more and more stuff on us and we sit and take it.
I have always wondered why we don’t take the power that we have – we could shut down medicine, because we are the backbone and workhorse of the industry. But then we wouldn’t be good little girls and boys anymore.