Almost ready to give up…..English teacher disheartened

In college I honestly thought I could make a difference- that my teaching could some how help the world. I was wrong.

There are so many obstacles in this job it is almost impossible to be effective. Parents don’t care- unless their kids does not earn a good grade in the course. Administrators just put rules in the way of success and ignore all cries for help or reform.
I have introduced so many ideas for change- ideas that would be really good for kids. All I get is a pat on the head.
I am not sure what to do at this point. Do I stick around, become numb to the problems in the system and enjoy the summers. Or do I quit and try something else.
I really don’t feel like I am suited to do anything but work with high school students. I cannot beleive how much this job sucks. They tell you everything in college- but that this jobs is a complete grind, no one will respect you and you are constantly trying to cover your- or someone else’s- ass.