my job’s okay , but it can be a pain…..wal mart cashier

I am a cashier. I have been one going on 5 years. I enjoy what I do, however some of the customers think they are better than you.

Also just because you work at Wal-mart doesn’t mean you are just illiterate. Some lady asked me once when gas prices were going up how was I going to make it on my wages? I mean that is just rude.

I realize I could do better in a profession, but as I said before I enjoy the actual act of operating a register. Sure people get on my nerves quite a bit, but I just wish that people wouldn’t look down on us. We put up with alot and we don’t make that much, but as long as you are making a decent living for yourself and trying, noone has a right to look down on you.

As far as I’m concerned I think everyone should be treated the same. No matter what their jobs are. At least we are out there doing something in the work force.