What Did I do wrong?….nurse placed on administrative leave

A 70 year old female who presented to ER Jan 31 with SOB..using her neck and shoulder muscles to breathe… Md’s decided to give her albuterol treatments, check some blood work, place pt on bipap and send to TCU.. The next day I had the pt and she was still on bipap with an fio2 of 50-60 percent depending on her saturation..She was easily arousable most of the day and was not using accessory muscles as she was upon arrival to the ER..She had some flailing of her arms and it was questionable as to the cause.. The MD on day shift was aware and came in and spoke with family… By around 1700-1730 ish the pt was not easily arousable and we decided to get an ABG to further assess the pt..The pt ‘s CO2 came back =99. At that time I phoned the md on call, I called the nursing supervisor to ask if a ccu bed was available.and I notified my charge nurse and assisstant nurse manager. I also called respiratory to make them aware of possible move to ICU ( The charge on was “Josie”..who is super hyper..and she finds it difficult taking the hyperness down a notch..And the nurse manager on was “Fely” who was totally aware of the situation.). The MD on call was Dr. Granich ..He came up to see the pt and requested to assess the pt first and then speak to the family prior to transfer to the unit.He did not think there was a significant change in the abg as compared to the er .In the meantime, the pt was still saturating well 96-98 percent . , so I attempted to call report to the ICU . The RN on the other end was not accepting report and instead screamed at me stating ,”If the pt needs to be intubated bring them and give me report when you get here!”..The pt was not unstable..It was a controlled situation and there was no need for all this unprofessional behavior..So I told Fely about the ICU not accepting report. She called over there and straightened it out so I was finally able to give report..

Feb the 3rd that I was placed on administrative leave with pay

All I can think of is the nurses on the other end felt it could have been a faster transfer..But if they were on my end seeing the status of the pt sats good, and waiting for the md to give his ok for transfer and then speak to family..and then we were able to move the pt from tcu to ccu.