I work at mcdonalds, and i hate it. I thought that mcdonalds would have the nicest people, but really the managers get on your case so fast. there just waiting for you to make a mistake. i’m 14 and this is my first job, the second day i worked they already get mad at me. It was only my first day. plus theyy wont let you not go to work, they force me to, the only way to get out is to have my parents have a talk with them. If you want a job try a place that doesn’t get to maney customers. I work in Livermore California, at the Mcdonalds on First street, by the freeway, to much people, to many bitchy managers and over all bad job. I mean they get mad at me for only washing my hands for 20 seconds, but they put the overflowing trash can right next to the bunns and patties……….i hate it there.