Suffering employee….factory packer

I work as a packer at a local factory. I don’t want to mention anything about it for fear of being fired. I don’t mind my job; I get along great with just about everyone including my boss who can take a joke on any given day. Basically my job is quite boring because all I do is pack and run a machine and when things are going great I can daydream. I’m an intelligent person who just needed to get out of having a stressful job. The one person I don’t get along with is the mechanic; he’s tall, rather dorky looking and has a huge ego problem. I’ll call him Skippy. Whenever the boss isn’t around I’m his target for his sarcasm and rude behavior. The other day when I was fixing my machine, I had my light on to indicate that I need help and he came over. I told him what the machine was doing (what I was fixing had nothing to do with the other problem it was having) and before I got my hands out of there he started the machine without saying anything. I said that was a close call and he said something with a smug grin (with the machine on I couldn’t hear him.) Then today I was on a different machine and it was having some issues which needed to be fixed, so I put my light on and he came over and I showed him what the machine was doing and he said it’s been doing that since he set it up and if I could get my foot off the metal bar (support for the table) and get my fat ass down there to fix it….well at that point I threw down everything I had in my hands in front of him and yelled at the top of my lungs “what do you think I’ve been doing? I do go down there and fix it, then come back here to pack and fix the rejects and I’m having a hard time trying to keep up with it so don’t give me any of your shit!” He walked off. A few minutes later my boss comes by to check on my progress and to figure out when the next order had started (both use the same product, just different order number) and when Skippy was out of earshot I asked my boss what does Skippy have against me and he said don’t take it personal we are working on that. I did tell him about how my hands almost got caught in the machine and how I was treated about an hour ago. Then at lunch Skippy started picking on me in front of my co workers and I said f–k you and continued about my business. I really wanted to go to the manager but thought because I have a good relationship with my boss that I should go to him first.

Come to find out I’m not the only woman he’s picked on but I’m one of the few that gives it back instead of taking it. He’s a male chauvinist pig who needs to get dropped on his bony keister by a woman.

I’m sorry if this is more of a vent than a story and for the crude language but in that place it seems that’s the only language Skippy understands.