worst job ever…..Dennys server/waiter

I was 20 years old and working a pleasant job as a medical assistant that didn’t pay well, and I could barely pay my rent. My room-mate suggested I apply at Dennys, where she worked as a bartender. I had never waited tables, but she said it didn’t matter since Dennys would “hire anyone”.
I got hired as a server to work 3 nights a week 6pm till 2am. It was total slave labor. Besides waiting tables, we had to make the salads and desserts, pour our own drinks, keep the prep areas spotless, and assorted other sidework, such as rolling 100 napkin/silverware sets per shift. You had to do this all in your alloted 8 hours, since no overtime was allowed. The first couple of hours of my shift, the customers were senior citizens, who complained about the food quality and left me quarters for tips. The next couple of hours were teenagers, who would drink endless cups of coffee, spiked with 5 or 6 creamers and a couple of sugar packets. We servers kept re-filling their coffee cups and bringing them more cream for hours, and we might get a dollar tip per table. After about 11pm, the bar-hoppers and clubbers started coming in. There were usually big groups of them. Guys trying to impress the girls they had picked up by being rude to their server, and ordering tons of greasy food. After being prompted by their new girlfriends, they would usually leave a decent tip.
The worst part of the job was management. They wouldn’t allow me to come in my street clothes and change into my uniform, lest I be tempted to smuggle out a steak or something. One night, a group of African-American clubbers came in at about 1am. My manager told me to go and ask them to pay first (as in, after they ordered, but before they got their food). At first I refused, but he threatened to fire me, and in my young and dumb (and poor) situation, I went ahead and did what he asked me to. Of course, I got blamed for being a racist, and I ran my butt of for that able for no tip. Not that I could blame them.
The moral of the story is, when you eat at Dennys, tip WELL. Believe me, those servers deserve it!