Don’t Become a Nurse

I cannot believe that I have just come across this site by accident. Here I am trying to find a different career for myself knowing full well that all I am qualified for is nursing. Don’t get me wrong. I love people. I love helping them especially the elderly but its the crap from the managers that makes life unbearable for not only me but the majority of my colleagues. Everyday we are out there on the wards trying our best with limited resources. The wards are always understaffed so you have to work a thirteen hour shift and do the work of at least two people. All the time you are getting questions from doctors, physios, dieticians, OT’s, Home care nurses, consultants , junior and student nurses and of course relatives. The poor old patient is lucky to get a look in at all. All the while the nurse managers are tucked up in their offices writing e mails to their friends and screwing the books. My own manager is forever giving herself overtime even though she is barely there half the time! The senior managers seem to turn a blind eye to this which makes me think that they are at it themselves! And if they are not doing that then they are making up new policies that we the already over worked and very much underpaid nurses must adhere to. Every night I come home from work exhausted and feel like screaming. Every month comes the pay check that barely covers the bills. The pay is a big issue with me. Its ok to say that one should do it for the love of the people but nurses have bills to pay too. if I were never to work another day as a nurse, I swear that there is no job harder than that of a nurses. After 14 years loving the people but hating the job and all the paper work and rubbish that goes with it to justify the managers wages I can honestly say to those thinking of becoming a nurse, please think again, or you may well end up like me doing a degree just to get the opportunity to get out of nursing. By the sounds of the other stories nursing seems to be the pits all over the world. It certainly is in Ireland. If however you like the idea of having no social life, very little money, getting the blame for everything that goes wrong then nursing really is for you. I am only 31 years of age and I feel 61. I really would not recommend it!