Software Developer… Sucks!

Simply put, I hate my job.
But I am not supposed to hate my job. I have been promoted every year, which means they think I have done a great job and they like me. I make a pretty good salary with a yearly five-digit bonus. But sigh, I think of quitting my job almost five times a week. Yep, that is almost every single day!
The question is Why?
I started coding as a hobby since I was child. Naturally, I had my BS and MS in comp sci. But the more I work, the more I do things I do not like. Projects that do not matter, people who are basically morons!! And worse, we cut corners, thus quality, to be within budget. I got fed up with it that I started taking pre-med courses three years ago (something else happened that made realize that IT was not my calling). I have been very happy since, well, of course, everytime I think about that I will not be coding any more soon. In fact, I just turned down a promotion to be an architect because I just do not want to do it no more. My only drive going to work is just the paycheck. Boy, I never realized how hard a job could be if we were only after the money.