I’m totally over it……nurse

I have been a nurse for over 7 years. All of my time has been spent on a neuro med/surg floor. I enjoyed nursing for awhile, but have always been somewhat discontented. I have tried different shifts, working only weekends, per-diem…but the novelty of a new shift only lasts so long.

I am to the point of hating being a nurse. It is a noble profession I think, it’s a great concept, taking care of people. But, the truth is….you are treated like you’re stupid and don’t know anything by doctors, other nurses, and especially the patients. Patient’s now are our ‘customers’, and when they complain about something that I don’t have any control over, we have to do ’service recovery.’ It’s a bunch of bullshit.

The people that are appreciative and thankful are the ones you never hear from. You always hear from the people who have complaints…most of the time they are the ones who don’t have insurance and are getting all their care on the backs of the taxpayers.

CNA’s for the most part are worthless. They are lazy, fat, and lie about giving baths, etc. We have had a few good ones, but the lazy ones eventually drive them away.

You can barely get a raise anymore. You can work your ass off all year, working long shifts, working extra, performing your job successfully and not killing anyone…but no…that’s not good enough. You need to do inservices, be on committees, write research papers, go back to school for advanced degrees, and kiss some major ass to get a real raise.

I’m sick of it. I don’t want to be sick of it, but I am. I feel empty when it comes to my job. It pays the bills and feeds my kids…but there has got to be something better than this.

Now I am enrolled in a BSN program. The other nurses in the program all “love” being nurses, and talk about how wonderful it is……right! I am totally lying in papers and stuff about how I feel about this! I ask myself all the time….why am I getting thousands of dollars in debt…to get a degree that won’t get my any further?

I am crazy!!!!