hotel front desk

Here at the Omni Mont-Royal in Montreal Canada, the sign syas 4-star but I’m sure I can find a vending machine if I yell loudly enough. When I reserve through Expedia or, I am able to get rates of $112.00 Canadian per night and believe that I should get value for my money. The hotel has the nerve to charge us poor customers a service charge of at least $3.00 for empty dishes to be delivered to the room. Parking here is an adventure too. If you are looking for the valet or car Jockey, be warned that after 10 PM, he is probably not waiting out front with a smile just waiting my $.25 tip. The doorman and bellman are nowhere to be found after 11:00 PM, but I’ve found that yelling and making sure that the fact that I have no manners ensures that I will have a really great room and will be asked to come back and invite all my friends. Be sure to ask for a room with a view of the mountain.
Come to the Omni. It’s almost as much fun as a 3-star. Front desk clerk