EMT Sometimes fun and rewarding but unnappreciated and underpaid

I have worked as an EMT for about 5 years and have grown over time to see my job as a frustrating dead end. It can be fun and interesting at times but the low pay, lack of appreciation by patients, people running ambulance companies, nurses, doctors and other medical staff is almost unbearable. Not to mention the personalities in the business who are so fucking unhappy at work that they take it out on everyone around them. While the job has it’s moments it really isn’t worth a jar of shit when it comes down to it because the money is just above minimum wage for a very important role. The way nurses and doctors look down on emt’s in the hospitals is quite astounding and completely unnacceptable. I’m working hard to get into something like real estate or business management where I can make money as a zombie and not have to be broke and take so much shit.