My nursing career is KILLING me!!!!!!

I hadn’t been in for a physical in 20 years – didn’t want to spend another mine more in a hospital,dr’s office etc. ,didn’s have the time or energy after working the 12 LONG hours (which seems more like 12 years). To make a long story short, it appears that the STRESS STRESS STRESS IS NOW LITERALLY KILLING ME. My EKG is abnormal and am having to go for a {get this } stress test and echocardiogram. Dr. asks ” Are you under much stress?” Yeah, I’m under it, over it, around it and eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper. I had a 3 level cervical fusion 11 months ago for “occupational casualties of floor nursing on a neuro floor.”, knee surgery 4 years ago because I was walking so fast and had to suddenly turn around as a patient fell in a room, a concussion and hurt back 1 1/2 years ago because a puddle of water was left by the cleaning crew outside th clean utility room, etc., etc., etc. The worst part of it all tho is the STRESS. I wish I had never become a nurse. The rewards are so few and so limited. There have been moments when I believed I had made an impact in someones life but they are so few and far between. There is so little support.