McDonalds Manager and Loving it!

Many have posted their horror stories about working at McDonalds but it’s really not that bad. I think McDonalds is a great place to work. While of course there are those times when it seems unbearable when customers are yelling or it is really busy for the most part it is not that bad. The training that you receive at McDonalds is incomparable to other part-time jobs not only when you first start but throughout your time working there, as promotions become available they send you to courses where you learn management skills that can be carried on throughout your life. I started working at McDonalds when I was in grade 11 and they were always flexible around my school schedule not giving me too many hours each week and booking off time was easy. The atmosphere is for the most part fun, while in highschool I was working with all people around my age and it was good times. Now that I’m in University I still enjoy McDonalds. Being a manager has presented me with a great experience and they never give me too many hours during the school year which is nice. I am making $9.80/hour which is not that bad for a part-time job.

Of course like any other job there are going to be managers, and crew that you don’t get along with. And those days where work is horrible…but its work and it is the case with all jobs that there are those people and days that annoy you but that you have to deal with. Anyway I think McDonalds presents great opportunities especially for a first time work experience. It has also provided many people with regional manager positions who have just started as crew and worked their way to these high positions. I will be leaving McDonald’s soon to start an internship I am glad to be moving on but my experience there has been really great and I will even miss certain aspects about it. Anyway just thought I would let everyone know its really not that bad!